Irene (le_livre_bleu) wrote in ajideas,

Hello, I am new.

August 6th. Rachel and the boys came over. You forget kids keep growing when you're not around. Ben is an awesome swimmer, Chris is missing his two front teeth, and Jack is so talkative!

Top Left: Trouble awaits you...
Top Right: You, my dear, in pain shall bring forth children, wear high heels, suffer through dieting, exfoliation, face-lifts, and even more, you'll have to cook!
Bottom Left: For you, my boy, I've reserved the worst. Scourges and torents, dinosaurs and valcanoes! Godzilla, the A-bomb, Liz Taylor, Hitler, noisy washing machines, oil-slicks, but above all pretty moms who are sick.
Bottom Right: August 7, 2006

Dialog and scene from the movie Jeux d'enfants.

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