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ajideas's Journal

artjournal ideas
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This community is to ONLY post art journal prompts, ideas and pictures of your journals. some writing prompts are ok, but even more than that, i want ART ideas! or prompts more complex than just a question to write about. or directions for specific things that we might want to do in our journals.

I started this community because i have so many prompts and ideas written all over the place in my journals, and i'd like to corral them all in one place!

if you want to ask someone a question about a specific prompt, please write it in the comments section - the posts are for ideas, not questions.
if you need to ask more AJ related questions, there are a lot of other good places online, specifically http://groups.yahoo.com/group/artistsjournals2?yguid=3977174

and a note - i know that a lot of the things i want to post on here come from books and that i didn't write them myself. so they really belong to other people. i don't want to hear about copywrite stuff. only members/friends can see the posts, so it's somewhat private.

it's better if you post things you came up with yourself, but this is really for public info that i'm just putting up in one place - if you know who an idea came from, please tell!